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Welcome to PremiumShop.in We are glad that you thank us very much for visiting this premiumshop.in.

We share a wide range of products on this website with a GPL or Premium license to Orignal & Premium Products such as PHP Scripts, Mobile App Code, Blogger Template, WordPress Template and WordPress Plugins.

This can save you a lot of money, if you buy this website from us.

Along with selling Online Digital Products, we follow certain rules, whose information is given below, you should read the information given below and know what is the specialty of this website, and what is the rule.

Nulled Version Products

We never upload Nulled Version products to sell products online on our website. Because your money and our respect also have a price. If we cheat on you, it is against us to rule as well as a punishable offense, so we never sell Nulled Version Products on our website.

Why Is the Price of the Product so Low

The price of all the products on our website is low because we try to save your money while simultaneously promoting our business

Nowadays everyone wants to earn money in the world of Internet, but the desire of the front remains incomplete because the main reason for this is “money” the person in front will buy the domain but at a much higher price than that, Web Hosting and Templates & Plugins The price of files is high, which the front person does not have any money to buy, even after that the front tries to make money online. We think for our business as well as for you. So we try to sell you real goods at as low a price as possible.

Why Premium Products are Free

You may be wondering why we are selling some of our premium products for free? We are selling all those products for free, because now those products are too old, there is no response to those products as well as old ones. If we have any products that have not had a single selling for 18 months, then we make those products free. If Response is not available on any product for 18 months, it means that the value of that product is over.


Along with selling online products with the help of this website, we also provide you with a premium license or General Public License of GPL license. When we buy products online from any other market, we immediately provide GPL or Premium licenses with the same, which we later provide to you when you purchase products from us.


If you are purchasing products from our website or in case of non-delivery of products, you can contact us. Our Contact Details are given on the Footer Credit website. When you face any kind of problem in relation to the products, you can contact us.

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